Collectors is a Sunday style color comic strip
published online every Sunday, written and
drawn by Eddie deAngelini.

Collectors web comic April 19, 2015
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Kickstarter 8-29-2014: 80 Page Giant Collectors #2 IS HERE!
The second Collectors annual collecting all the strips from 2013 along with all new material is now on sale! Click here to get your copy NOW!!!

Kickstarter 5-27-2014: Collectors #2 Kickstarter Campaign NOW LIVE!
Collectors is back on Kickstarter and you can snag some awesome rewards for helping bring Collectors #2 to life! Read more

Brothers Bear Podcast 2-4-2014: Collectors on The Brothers Bear Podcast!
Kristen and I recently sat down in the studio with Sanch, Carlos and Schweddy of The Brothers Bear Podcast to talk all about Collectors, comics, movies and how I started making my own comic strip. Read more

Stan Lee spotlights Collectors 12-9-2013: Collectors Spotlighted on Stan Lee's Website!
Who is Collectors' newest fan? It's none other than Stan 'The Man' Lee!!! Check out the Collectors spotlight on Stan's website! Read more

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